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Elnur Mammadov Elbrus


Date of Birth: 11.01.1980


In 2001 graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy, the faculty of Organization and Management of Business. In 2003 graduated from the Azerbaijan State Economic University, the faculty of Engineering Economics and Management. In "Neftchi" since October 2014 year.

Executive director

Mubariz Khudiyev Valeh

Date of birth: 02.11.1976

In 1997 graduated from Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport, the faculty of Physical Culture and Sport. And in 2011 graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Economics, the faculty of International Economic Relations. In PFC Neftchi since December of 2006.







Advisor of president


Elnur Shukurov Asrhaf


Date of birth: 19.06.1974

In 1997 graduated from Baku State University, faculty of: International Law and International Relations. In Neftchi since September of 2014.   


Head of Media and Public Relations Department

Gunduz Abbaszade Balash

Date of birth: 08.22.1980

Graduated from Baku State University, Faculty of Journalism in 2001. In PFC Neftchi since September of 2011.




Head of Marketing Department

Zaur Mutallimov Tahir  

Date of birth: 09.15.1979

Graduated from Baku State University in 2001, Department of Hydrometeorology. In PFC Neftchi since February of 2010.






Head of Accounting Department

Gadim Asgarli Hamid

Date of birth: 16.05.1966

Graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic Institute in 1991, Department of mechanized processing of economic information. In PFC Neftchi since February of 2010.






Technical Specialist

Sadig Dashdamirov Seyfeddin

Date of birth: 09.06.1971

Graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 1993, Department of electricity industry. In PFC  Neftchi since February of 2004.






Head of Security Service  

Vagif Musayev Azim

Date of birth: 01.04.1975

Graduated from Nakhchivan State University in 2001, faculty of initial military training. In PFC Neftchi since February of 2010.