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The successes of “Neftchi”

“Neftchi” Club is the flagman of our football, it achieved great successes for its history. High results in various competitions of our team embodied brightly in the history of football: Bronze medals of USSR championship, 8 times National title of Azerbaijan, 6 times National cup winner, the winner of the cup  «Solidarity» .

“Neftchi” achieved one of the greatest successes in 1966. The Flagman is the sole club of Azerbaijan which rose on pedestal honor in the group of the strongest teams in the championship of USSR, which once was known as «small championship of Europe». “Neftchi” won a bronze medal of USSR championship under the guidance of Akhmad Alaskarov in that year.

Also, after rehabilitation of the independence of our country, football fans could see brilliant play in the performance of “Neftchi”. It’s true that, “Neftchi”  won the first gold medals in our first national championship. By the way, the capital team won the title of championship under the guidance of Akhmad Alaskarov again. The next success was achieved 3 years later. In 1995, under the guidance of Vagif Sadikhov, the flagman gained the victory above all the opponents for the cup of the country. 1995-1996 season can also be characterized as one of the unforgettable championships for “Neftchi”, - Baku`s residents completed this season with «Gold double». Alongside with the championships, the victory of the cup were merits of three coaches -  Vagif Sadikhov, Asif Aliyev and Kazbek Tuayev’s.

“Neftchi” got the championship title for the third time in 1997. Nevertheless, in the result, leading in total points which were collected by main and teenage teams, AFFA awarded “Qarabag” FC with the gold medals. Nevertheless, the fairness was triumphed and UEFA recognized “Neftchi” as the champion and the flagship got the right to participate in the champions league.

Baku`s residents won the cup of the country in 1999, a bit later, they made the next «golden double»  in 2004, Kazbek Tuayevs’s wards became the strongest both in the national championship and the cup of the country. In 2005, “Neftchi”  won “Khazar-Lenkoran” in the «Gold match» with the score 2:1 and consistently twice became champion. After 6 years interval,  in 2011 Neftchi won the National title 3 rounds before the championship finished.

Except of that, the flagship also represented our country in international tournaments worthily. “Neftchi” first time won in Euro-cup (a win above Bulgarian «Lokomotiv» with the score 2:1 in Baku in1996) and in the League Champions overcame two stages consistently (in the seasons of 2004/5and 2005/6),  first time gained victory in Euro-cup in the guest field (a win above «Khafnaforder» with the score 2:1 in Iceland in 2005), and became the first team which overcame two stages in Euro-cup (in the cup of Intertoto in 2008).The Flagship is also the first Azerbaijan team which rose to final stage in the tournament for the «Cup of solidarity the champions of CIS and Baltic side countries» and gained the main prize (in 2006). with the score 2:1 in Baku in1996) and in the League Champions overcame two stages consistently (in the seasons of 2004/5and 2005/6), with the score 2:1 in Baku in1996) and in the League Champions overcame two stages consistently (in the seasons of 2004/5and 2005/6),



The team, after 6 year break, PFC Neftchi become champion of Azerbaijan 3 times in row (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 seasons) and also won the National Cup of Azerbaijan 2 times in row.

Neftchi began to take part in the UEFA Champions League 2011/12 season from the second qualifying round. In this round, flagman defeated Georgian champion - "Zestafoni". In the home match, our team defeated his opponent 3-0. In return match was fixed a draw - 2:2. The next round, our team was eliminated by the champion of Israel - Kiryat Shmona. Despite the defeat of our team, "black and white" got a right to participate in the play-off round of UEFA Europe League. Defeating Cyprus APOEL (1-1, 3-1) flagman entered the Azerbaijan football history, as the first club participating in group stage of UEFA Europe League.

In the group stage of the Europa League, Neftchi faced with one of the strongest clubs in the continent – Internazionale Milan, and with Rubin Kazan and Partizan Belgrade. Both matches with the Partizan ended in a draw, and the match with Internazionale Milan, which was held at the stadium "Giuseppe Meazza" was fixed a battle draw - 2:2.


Neftchi achievements

Winner of bronze medals of USSR championship (1966)

Finalist of ½ round of USSR Cup competition (1967, 1968, 1970, 1971)

Finalist of USSR Football Federation Cup competition (1988)

Participant of UEFA Europe League group stage (2012/2013)

Finalist of UEFA Intertoto Cup competition  (2008)

Winner of Commonwealth Cup competition (2005)

Champion of Azerbaijan (1992, 1995/1996, 1996/1997, 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013)

Winner of silver medals of Azerbaijan championship (2000/2001, 2006/2007)

Winner of bronze medals of Azerbaijan championship (1994/1995, 1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2005/2006, 2007/2008)

Winner of Azerbaijan Cup (1994/1995, 1995/1996, 1998/1999, 2003/2004, 2012/2013, 2013/2014)

Finalist of Azerbaijan Cup (2000/2001, 2011/2012, 2014/2015)

Winner of Azerbaijan Super Cup (1993, 1995)


Jubilee goals of PFC Neftchi in Azerbaijani championship

1st goal Yunis Huseynov                               08.05.1992

100th  goal  Samir Alakbarov                         13.10.1992

200th goal  Mais Azimov                               1994/95, 23rd September

300th  Yashar Vakhabzade                             1996/97, 18th September

400th Gurban Gurbanov                                 1997/98, 27th September

500th  Alexey Stukas                                      1999/00, 31st October

600th  Vadim Vasilyev                                   2001/02, 25th November

700th Stenli Udenkvor                                    2004/05, 13rd December

800th   Agil Mammadov                                 2006/07, 10th November

900th  Adrian Neaga                                       2009/10, 22nd August

1000th Araz Abdullayev                                 2011/12, 4th December

1100th Melvin Platje                                      2013/14, 12th September